12 Pro Marketing Examples To Bang For The Buck in 2021

12 Pro Marketing Examples To Bang For The Buck in 2021

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·Mar 11, 2021·

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Today is my birthday. Don't ask how old! Only joking, I'm twenty-seven

To my left is a glass of vodka. To my right are six empty Ferrero Rocher wrappers. Happy birthday to me.

It's been a wild night.

Now, I must say, I've had a busy week and haven't managed to write a new case study. I spent Sunday putting together this series. So, I'm sharing my favorite tips you might be searching for. Enjoy.


Lets Begin.

Don't think about “capturing emails”


Think about creating something worth subscribing to.

No one cares what you can do


Everyone cares what you can do for them.

Simple CTA tip


Add a few words to your button to handle the user's biggest objection to clicking. Trainual made this change and saw an 18% lift in trial conversions.

How to get more leads from your website


1/ Offer something upfront

2/ Use a real persons face and email

3/ Be specific with timings

Clear writing is concise writing

• In order to → To
• In spite of → Despite
• In the event that → If
• A number of → Some
• The majority of → Most
• Has the opportunity to → Can
• Despite the fact that → Although
h/t Ann Handley (a legend)

Cold emails shouldn't be cold


Here's one I wrote two years ago for an early stage startup. Sea of sameness brand positioning

Let's rewrite a landing page


Banquist landing page copywriting

Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Kids don't care about “the next generation of SAT prep”. They care about “Acing the SAT”.

I also pulled up the $1 trial. And made the “five stars” feel REALER.

Two underrated words in copywriting: “If you...”


• Involves the reader
• Gives them control
• Let's them persuade themselves

Don't complicate marketing


I've been chatting to the owner of a decorative concrete company.

Each month they pay $600 / mo for an ad in a local magazine that gets sent to 7000 wealthy homes in Georgia. Last 3 months they've made $75,000 from these ads. Don't complicate marketing. Fish where the fish are.

Lessons from Apple's “Shot on iPhone” ad


I must have seen 100 Samsung ads last year. I don't remember any of them. Too much boring information.

Shot on iPhone is three words, no information. It doesn't dwell on features. Instead, it brings to life the outcome.

And it's believable. REAL photos from regular people. If Liz from Vacaville can do it so can I.
• Sell outcomes, not features
• Narrow your focus
• Nothing is more believable than real customers

If you want to grow on social media...


Make yourself easy to sum up

Kapwing's a meme maker. I love their YouTube strategy


• Finds memes about to go viral • Uploads “how to make meme” videos to YT • Hundreds of thousands start Googling • Watch Kapwing's tutorial • Which uses their app to make the meme 420k views / month Another marketing tip

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