18 NOCODE Spreadsheet Tools You Must Try In 2021

18 NOCODE Spreadsheet Tools You Must Try In 2021

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Abstract spreadsheets data into usable public websites and apps... without coding? 18 Enter 2021 with a BANG!!!!!

Bitten by NOCODE bug :) After my first stint with my favorite nocode tools in this post - 20+ Super No Code Tools ๐Ÿฅณ To Make Your Life Easier In 2021 - Which was loved by hashnode community. Thanks for so much love. That encouraged me to come up with this list of NOCODE Tools To Build No-Code sites & Apps From Spreadsheets . Make sure you add your views in comments below.

How does it sounds? Good...Yeah!! This is one the latest innovative and creative trend started in 2020 and is becoming popular in 2021.

Spread sheets are the most powerful ways to build nocode products and this trend will see a huge uprising in 2021. Most of us know how to use and update a sheet, and some of us push the limits with formulas, charts, and integrations.


These are one of the easiest, most universally understood, and convenient ways to manage data.

There are several no-code tools that use third-party spreadsheets to power an app or website, and they're some of the easiest.

Whether it's Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable. if you're especially fond of spreadsheets, these may open a whole new world for you!

The cool thing about using spreadsheets is that data can be displayed, filtered, interacted with, and manipulated through the site or app itself, or using the original spreadsheet.

Here are a few popular no-code tools that use spreadsheets for their data, including links to real-world projects built with each.

If you're new to no-code, these are great tools to start out.


Turn your Google Sheets data into a website without writing code With Siteoly, you can just connect your Google sheet and build a website completely without writing any code.

A powerful #nocode website builder for Google sheets. Custom domains Supports custom html, forms, Google maps on all pages Unlimited detailed pages Chat Integration Analytics Integration Embed external javascript


Examples: Pocket Biases SF Geek Guide SpaceX


Connect data from CSV files or Google Sheets to any App, API, or FTP server in minutes

EasyCSV is a no code tool that helps connect and automate data from CSV files and Google Sheets anywhere you need the data. It has tools to automatically fetch CSVs or Google Sheets from Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP / SFTP.

You can also drag & drop files or email them into EasyCSV as attachment. It's a great tool for moving bulk data between apps that don't have modern APIs.


"Create a website from Google Sheets without writing code" Build a fully functional website with pictures, text, filters and links without writing code.

Examples: No CS OK Remote Friendly Buyigname


"Build websites with Airtable"

Examples: Beta Zaps SaaS Money Teacher Finder Language Books


Free, fast and fun way to build modern websites and apps ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Sheetbase is a collection of tools that helps developing websites and hybrid apps fast, easy and free.

You don't need to purchase and set up a complicated hosting/VPS/server to run a beautiful websites (a static web hosting is enough, Github pages does the trick), just got a domain name and you good to go.

You may already familiar with Wordpress or Jekyll, imagine that they have a baby, that is what Sheetbase comes between.



No-code querying and data-enrichment interface for GSheets.

No-code querying within your spreadsheets.Connect your Google spreadsheet to any data source and run SQL-style queries without writing a single line of code.


"Build feature-rich applications from existing data sources" appsheet.com

Examples Monthly Equipment Expenses (sample app) Local Events Calendar (sample app)


Spreadsheets are starting to eat the web development world. Sheetbase was #1 on Product Hunt yesterday, a tool that converts Google Sheets into programmable databases for your websites or apps.

It's pretty nifty: it combines Google's free spreadsheet software with JavaScript frameworks into a free database.

Sheetbase isn't the only spreadsheet-powered web development tool:

๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Sheetsu

turns Google Sheets into a programmable API

๐Ÿ“Š Tabledo

will update your website using data from your spreadsheets

Api Spreadsheets

Instantly Use Your Spreadsheets as an API and Database -Instantly use your spreadsheets as an API and Database ๐ŸŽ‰ -Connect to Google Sheets, Dropbox and Local Spreadsheets ๐Ÿ’ป -Use our pre-written code samples to get started right away ๐Ÿ“‹


Spreadsheets that come alive as applications

Spreadsheet.com is the spreadsheet you already know with the power of a database and project management system, all with real-time collaboration. Create your own solutions and work better together.


Access web services from spreadsheets

Parabola 2.0

Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code. Repetitive tasks are for machines. Free up your time to discover new ways to use your data and leave the boring stuff to us.

Parabola 2.0 now enables anyone to use drag-and-drop to build flows with powerful sources, transforms, and destinations, and then schedule them to run automatically on our servers with no code necessary.


Turn a SpreadSheet (Google or Excel) into a REST API

Turn your Google SpreadSheet into an API that you can Read and Write! Everything without even logging in.

This way you can use a SpreadSheet as the entire backend for your application just by providing us with the shareable link to it.

Bonus: Pull any API into Google Sheets without code

API Connector from Mixed Analytics is a no-code Google Sheets add-on that lets you pull in data from any third-party API.

This means you can make a full no-code application that pulls in outside data, organizes it, and displays it on a website for people to interact with.


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